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Browsing Related Records

Question asked by QueryJoel on Aug 7, 2009
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Browsing Related Records





I can't seem to go to the right related record from one layout to another.  The relationship is defined correctly but navigating between related records seems to be a road block.



Job database is the main primary database.  ("Summary" layout)

Cost items is a portal of which is a list of external work done for a particular job.  The details on this list of work and the costing of such suppliers are filled in another ("Details" layout)

The relationship between the two tables is based on pkQUOTE_ID (Summary) = pfQUOTE_ID (Details)



Job has 2 records:   Mapletree condominium construction & St. Andrew roadworks

Mapletree condominium has 3 cost related items:  Piling works, steel works & sand supplies

St. Andrew roadworks has 2 cost related items:  Labour supplies & Equipment hire


If the user is at the Mapletree condo job and he clicks on button with the script "Go to Layout - Details", he may end up on the details page pertaining to St. Andrew roadworks instead.



Thank you very much.