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Browsing Unrelated Records - Portal?

Question asked by MarkRuddeforth on Dec 19, 2013
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Browsing Unrelated Records - Portal?


     Looking for some tips on how to approach this task. I have 2 tables, SLIPS and CUSTOMERS. They are related by a field Custno. Each slip can be assigned to only one customer, but a customer may be assigned to > 1 slip. The key fields in each table are: SLIPS::Slipno; SLIPS::Custno and CUSTOMERS::Custno; CUSTOMERS::Name.... etc.  The related field is of course Custno in both tables.

     I've created a layout where data from the SLIPS table is displayed on the left, and I want to display data from the CUSTOMERS table in browse mode - preferably in rows with a scroll bar. Right now I see only one customer record - and it is the record that matches the custno field in both tables. I tried using a portal with the vertical scroll bar option, but I still see only one record since the portal displays only the record related to the current SLIP record being displayed.

     I want to be able to scroll through all records in the CUSTOMERS table from within the layout so that I can assign a new / different custno to a SLIP table record. This means that I need to be able to see all the unrelated records from the CUSTOMERS table - not just the record that is related to the SLIPS record currently selected.

     Any ideas on what approach to take? The image is of the layout screen I'm trying to use.....