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Budget Database - Budget to Actual Comparison

Question asked by surfingmussel on Nov 9, 2010
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Budget Database - Budget to Actual Comparison


This question relates to a FM Pro 11 database that I developed to prepare budgets for a public agency. The budget module works fine, now that we are into the fiscal year I was asked to add the actual data (labor hours only, so far) so that we can compare our plan vs. actual.

My problem is that my actual hours (FY11 Actual Hrs.) column will only show (actual) data for employees who have budgeted time in each particular budget.

This point is illustrated if you look at the "FY11 Actual Hrs." column, you can see that the total hours for Work Order (W.O.) #220700 is 73 hours, but only 27 hours are showing. This is happening because the missing 46 hours of work were performed by employees who were not originally assigned to that job.

My feeling is that somehow I need the "Actual Data" (that comes from another table) to be able to "push" new records onto the table/layout that is shown (screenshot)  - but I can't seem to figure it out.

I can post more info on my table structure/ relationships if that would help things out!


Doug Anders