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Budget Simulation Approach

Question asked by FredH on Oct 30, 2014
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Budget Simulation Approach



I am quite new with FileMaker and would like to have your input on the approach that I should take for a Budget Simulation project I need.

Purpose is to see the occupancy and price impact on the P&L of a company that is renting rooms.

In order to explain you what I would need to do, I uploaded an example of the Excel I am using now :

  • In blue : the work hypothesis for each building
  • In yellow : the parameters that can be changed in order to see the impact on the P&L
  • In white : calculated fields
Additional details : 
  • In the example, you see that there are 2 tables (2 scenarios) but there can be more scenarios and it would be needed to be able to keep trace of all scenarios.  What would be the best way in order to be able to create additional scenarios and to be able to compare these afterwards?
  • We always analyze 4 years but Y1 depends on the opening date.  For this building, it is 2013 but for other buildings, it could be 2014, 2015, etc.  What should be used in order to make sure that the correct years are proposed for data entry but also guarantee that at the end, we will be able to sum totals for each year (all buildings combined)?
  • As from Y+1, the occupancy profit takes into account the index rate

Based on your experience, how should this be set up in FileMaker 13?

Thanks in advance for your input and time!
Kind regards,