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Bug Report: Windows getting rearranged when app switching

Question asked by jfletch on Nov 25, 2011
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Bug Report: Windows getting rearranged when app switching


Sometimes when I am in the middle of editing a complex calculation in the Manage Database windows I have to leave FileMaker to switch to another application (i.e.: checking mail). Frequently those apps are in different spaces and/or screens. When I com back to FileMaker via the app switcher (cmd-tab) the widow of focus (the calc dialog) is the back-most window and I have to move the other windows around to try and find it.

If it is a modal window with focus, FMP should keep it in the front no matter how much I switch around to other apps. It confused me several times and even initially thought I had to restart FileMaker to solve it. Now I know, but it's still annoying, counter-intuitive, and downright a pain to have to dig around on two screens filled with windows to find the one that will let me get back to work.

Mac OS X, 10.6.8, FMPA 11.0v4