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Bug? Join Table and Portal - how to add extra related records in the portal?

Question asked by daveslc on Jan 18, 2010
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Bug? Join Table and Portal - how to add extra related records in the portal?


I have three tables:

Events, Contacts, and the join table EventContacts


In the relationship graph with:

Contacts and EventContacts 

allow creation and don't allow creation [of new records]


Events and EventContacts

don't allow creation and allow creation  


[that is, in ht event layout, I want to be able to create contacts or add them to the event; but in the contact layout I don't want to be able to create events] 


In the layout for Events, I have a portal to both Contacts and EventContacts.


I want users to be able to enter (or associate existing) contacts into the portal and have the contact_id field as a popup menu.


So far so good, but when I enter an existing value into the contact_id field in the portal, and click out of the portal, the first record is populated by the proper info, but a new record is also created with just the contact_id field filled in (and when I go to the related record in Contacts, a new blank record has indeed been created.


a. The problem  seems to be that when a new portal row (contact record) is associated (using a value list) with the current event record, that in turn creates a new record in the EventContacts table, which in turn creates a new blank record in the Contacts table.


b. If I turn off the 'allow creation of records' in the Contacts table, I can no longer enter enter or associate records through the Contacts portal, but have to do this in the join table (which has no way to create a new contact record).


Not sure what to do to at this point.