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    Build a form from one table in another table.



      Build a form from one table in another table.


      I have 2 tables. One is called "Reps" and the other is called "Accounts". The reps table contains general info for my salespeople. My "Accounts" table contains information about accounts that the salespeople have sold. One of the fields here is "Rep Name" which is a drop down that pulls directly from the "Rep Name' field in my "Reps" table.

      I'd like to do 2 things:

      1) I have a page with a form where I enter in all my rep info. This is on the left side of the page. I'd like to be able to put a form on the right side of the page where I can create new accounts. Ideally, it would know that the new account belongs to salesperson A because his record is up on the left side of the page.

      2) Below the new account form, have a table that shows all of the accounts that the sales person has sold. So when I create a new account in the form, it will just get added to that last. Ideally, sorted newest to oldest.

      Any thoughts?

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          First, if you haven't already learned how to use portals, look up the term in filemaker help to learn more about it.


          Base your layout on reps.


          Define a serious of global fields that can be used by the rep to enter data on a new account.

          Add a button with a script that uses set field to copy the data into a new accounts record.

          For the "list at the bottom" use a portal of related accounts records.