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Build a report from multiple records

Question asked by B_1 on Aug 20, 2014
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Build a report from multiple records


     So I want to build a report to correspond with multiple records information. I know that I will also need to constrain the set to omit certain records from each  found set. 

     Collection Info --> parent 

     Trap Info --> child

     Test Info --> grandchild 


     I need to make a report with the Test Info sets from multiple trap info records.

     So there may be 10 or more Test Info records under each Trap Info record.

     After doing so and compiling the report I would export it to Excel to be able to send a copy to the lab that does the testing for me. Then I would want the report to clear itself out after the export. so that the next time I make a report it is completely different and blank to begin with. 


     Any ideas on how to make all that happen ?