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Building a Database for a dog rescue

Question asked by AdamPratter on Oct 7, 2013
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Building a Database for a dog rescue


     I work for a dog rescue here in San Diego. We decided to build our own database in filemaker to track the dogs medical and general info for better organization. I know beginning levels of filemaker and learning the more advanced steps but I am having trouble figuring out how to plan out the database.  My current issue is what information to place in what table. I created a table  for the general dog info like breed etc. , but I need to track their medical (vaccinations and medicine) they receive and also if they get adopted, or fostered or if they have appts to be adopted.  Should I place the medical in a different table and the movements (adoption, foster, etc) in a third table. And then just create a relationship between the tables? I figure the dogs are kinda like the customers and the medicine is like orders.  If anyone can help I would appreciate it.