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Building a Formula for Adding Up Scores

Question asked by Dr.D on Jan 10, 2010
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Building a Formula for Adding Up Scores


I have a formula called Total Score, which sum up the scores to a max of 100, this is working fine... Eg. when the scores sum up as 98, then the person is getting 98% out of the 100 marks... (scenario 1)


But I now need to expand the logic to another scenario, Eg. when the scores sum up as 94 out of 96, the % should yield 97%, which the % is NOT based on 100 points... (scenario 2)


The marking criteria is a set of Radio Button of "Yes - No - N/A":-

  • when "Yes" you get 2 point,
  • when "No" you get 0 point,
  • and when "Not Applicable" is being selected, scenario 2 formula need to be triggered as opposed to scenario 1 which is a simple addition of all of the "Yes"


How do I build the logics for these Specify Calculation?? The formula need to be a format of " If ..., then scenario 1, Or ... then scenario 2 "...  Thanks