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Building a related table?

Question asked by AAgraphics on May 12, 2010
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Building a related table?


Hello.  We are using FMP 10 on Mac and PC


This is a general summary of what we have in FMP 10:


We have a web host that hosts the FMP database.  The employees of the company access the database using FMP and their internet connection.  The database and main table shows all of the products that are under development.  There is a related table that has all of our vendor information.  Our vendors are able to access our project management system (PMS) by using their internet browser by using FMP IWP feature.  Vendors can log in using unique usernames and passwords and they can see a list of only their projects so they can enter ingredient listings and nutrition facts information for each specific project.  This works wonderfully.


We are looking to add another feature and I am not sure how to go about building it.  Here is what we would like to do:


About six vendors will quote on each product we develop.  We now want vendors to be able to log into the system and enter their quote directly into our system, but we do not want them to see the information of the other five vendors.  What is the best way of building this?  We use about 60 plus vendors, so the combination of vendors for every product varies.  Any thoughts?  Does this make sense?


I was thinking that I could possibly build six new tables and have them related back to the main table by using the item number and go from there.  Does this sound like a disaster?