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Building a Searchable Userfriendly Database?! Need Help!

Question asked by Janderse on Nov 23, 2010
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Building a Searchable Userfriendly Database?! Need Help!


I have recently acquired Filemaker Pro in hopes of building a searchable database for the company. I have never worked with the program and have no scripting experience.
I need to build a database from scratch that resembles a search engine. It needs to be user friendly so that everyone in the company can get around it easily. I need the main page to have a search option but I also need icons showing the different categories they can click on to get the information.

The database will be all of the companies information from all of the past RFI's we have done in the past five years. What is the best way to do this? Is there a template I can use or am I better on making it from scratch? Any help would be great!