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Building a table with recursive fields - how do I eliminate unneeded entries? (Newbie)

Question asked by AtlasV on Mar 23, 2009
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Building a table with recursive fields - how do I eliminate unneeded entries? (Newbie)




Newbie question (sorry).  I'm trying to build a database that displays specific information about a city.  The user begins the search for the city by clicking on a field for a Time Zone, then State, then County, then Township, then City.  This action narrows down the choices until the user has only one or two cities, I then have a Portal set up so that census data can be viewed about that specific city.


My Problem is that I can't seem to figure out how to eliminate the un-needed field values for each of the drill down steps to get to the city.  This means that after a person selects the Western Time-Zone, They will still be presented with ALL 50 States in the next field.  And once the State is selected, they have to pan through all of the Cities in ALL 50 States! 


Is there a way to narrow the choices down so that only the pertinent info is showing?  It could be done in Browse mode or Find mode however, I need this to be possible after PHP publishing to the web.  Also, is is possible for the user to select a field in the middle (say State: California) and have the database populate both up (so that Time Zone would autopopulate) AND down (eliminating everything that is outside of CA)? 


Time Zone (Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern)

State (ALL 50 States)

County (ALL Counties in the US)



Thanks in advance anyone who can help,