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Building Administration Fees

Question asked by Jigzat on Mar 22, 2010


Building Administration Fees


Hello everyone, I apologize for asking for help directly, I know this is not a support forum and you guys don't get paid for it. I have to design a database in filemaker to administrate an apartment building monthly administration payments (I'm not getting paid either since is for the building that I'm living into). Each apartment pay a fee every month to pay the employees, security guards, lighting, pool cleaning etc. I have background designing SQL database but I just find out my SQL knowledge barely apply since Filemaker handle things in a more straight way. I'm working on Mac OS X Leopard but the database will be hosted and accessed on Windows XP. In the beginning I designed a very SQL-like database with many tables, key fields, relationships and all the whistles, but it was more than it was needed and it was getting complicated since I felt I was loosing control of what I can do, so I basically started all over again and created 3 tables. One table named Persons, every person that has something to do with the building will be there, employees, owners, renters and basically every building habitant. The main key is a code that every single person in my country has in their ID (almost like Social Security number in the USA) The second table name is Holding and basically is the main table and the whole database works around it. What I wanted to represent with this table was every combination of apartment-owner-renter during certain time. So lets say that the apartment 101 is owned by Jhon but he rented it to jane for 6 months it will be called holding code TN1010001 but then he rented it to james and this holding will be called TN101002. The third and last table is called dues. Each due is linked to a holding and has a monetary amount that can be administration fee or a penalty for breaking some building law and a montly interest rate. What I need to do first is to somehow generate all the apartment dues at once every month according to their floor and just for those "Holdings" that doesn't have an expiration date (I.E those who are still active) and then a printable layout so I can print all the bills at once and that every bill has all active dues (unpaid). I tried with the "portal tool" but I couldn't sum all the values. Any help will be appreciated