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Building Custom Web Publishing in my PC

Question asked by PeterChen on Aug 8, 2015


Building Custom Web Publishing in my PC


Hi friends!

I have already all my layouts and fields done in my filemaker pro 14 dbase.

I'm now going to start building my Custom Web Publishing web page in my local PC using XML before uploading it to the hosting company for public visitors' access.

May I know where should I place my Filemaker Pro database in my PC and how do I set it up to build and test my XML syntax to ensure it works correctly first?

Is there a good resource with clear ABC step-by-step instructions to follow?

I have been using the FMP5 and Lasso 3.6 more than a decade ago, and those days Lasso provides a crystal clear reference and step-by-step instructions to develop, test and launch Custom Web Publishing. 

Thank you very much for any helpful tips and instructions.

Have a wonderful week end!