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Building in a pause (milliseconds)

Question asked by lijnbach on Jan 30, 2015
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Building in a pause (milliseconds)


Hello everybody,


I have a loop, cycling threw records, all works fine.


But, I want the loop to run just a little slower, so the user can see that something is happening. If I use “Halt - restart” script, also with a duration of 0,01 seconds, the loop becomes to slow.


Ik tried it with the function “Get(CurrentTimeUTCMilliseconds)”. But I can’t get it working. I tried this:


Set Variable [ $Time; Value: ( (GetAsNumber ( Get(CurrentTimeUTCMilliseconds)) ]


    Exit Loop if [ GetAsNumber ( Get ( CurrentTimeUTCMilliseconds)) > $Time + 400

En Loop


(This is a loop within a loop)


But it doesn’t seem to work,


Can anyone help me out.


Hans Lijnbach