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    building old-style plug-ins



      building old-style plug-ins


      The help on "External functions," under "Plug-ins written for version 6.0 and earlier" says:
      "These plug-ins are still supported and continue to use the External function to access the plug-in’s functions." But we can't find any information on how to build these old-style plugins (and have them work in FileMaker 11). In particular, there's nothing on this in the downloads at http://www.filemaker.com/support/technologies/
      This question comes about because our Macintosh plugins are CFM type, so in order to upgrade from FileMaker 8.5 we have to rebuild them as Mach-O. Fine, but we would prefer to continue calling them with "External" so as to avoid around a thousand changes to scripts. Any information would be appreciated.