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    Building Reports



      Building Reports


      I'm new to reports.  I have a task database that has many entries by many of the same people.  For example,

      John jones with enter many tasks in a month, all being the same except for date and time.

      Bill Adams will do the same

      Jenny Jones will do the same


      At the end of the month, I have to build a report showing each name and their total of tasks entered.  My problem is that because each person has many entries, I don't seem to be able to come up with a list like this:


      John Jones          312

      Bill Adams             15

      Jenny Jones        125


      I don't seem to be able to make the summary part show what I need.  How can I make this happen?


      DB layout

      First_name, Last_Name, Emp_id, Task, Task_date, Task_type (this type is the same type between all persons,i.e. 12)


      Thanks  for any help you can offer.

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          Hello kdefilip:


          Don't worry, everyone have hit that wall before. Did you created a summary field in your table?. Are you using it in your layout?.


          Filemaker uses the summary field to do the counting for you. So create a summary field and let's call it Task_count of type summary. In the options of that field select "Count of" and select the field "Task", close the field definition screen and enter layout mode and go to your report.


          After the body of the report, make sure you have a part of type sub-summary when sorted by: and select last-name (Hoping no two persons have the same last  name if they do use the Emp-id better). Put the Task_count summary field inside the sub-summary part in a way that the field should not touch any of the borders of (Upper and lower) part. Enter browse mode, select all the records and sort them by last name (or Emp-id if you used it) and enter preview mode. You should now have your rough report. I let you do the shinning.