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Built-in Function/script capability from within a calculation field?

Question asked by jfalberg on Aug 2, 2012
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Built-in Function/script capability from within a calculation field?


My "Person" table consists of records imported from an external web service, and one of the things I'm trying to avoid is setting up finite array fields unknowning what the maximum limit may be. 

So as part of the message I'm trying to construct on the fly, my "Person" record may have more than one address associated with it so it may appear as follows:


10 Main Street¶20 Madison Avenue¶1500 Lincoln Avenue


Springfield¶Pleasantville¶Cos Cob

and so forth.  Anyways I want to construct my message so it can appear as follows:

Address 1: 

10 Main Street

Adress 2:

20 Madison Avenue

and so forth.  Since my fields has a delimiter of "¶" or the newline character, I know I can use the Position function and similar to help manipulate this and will probably need to perform a script loop for until I've reached the last delimiter, so I was wondering if it's possible to have a calculated field to call a script or whatever is doable, or perhaps I would need to trigger on an event to set a field value when I change on a specific record at least.  I know I'm getting tedious here, but am trying to fulfill certain demands regarding my project here.