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    Bulk Add new records



      Bulk Add new records


      hey guys!


      i see how everyone is bulk editing records, but i cant find any documentation on bulk adding records, i have a number field in the table i want bulk records added to, and i want the script (button) to add as many records as in the bulk "how many to add" field , anybody have any knowledge on this?



      Thanks in advanced.

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          When adding fecords, from an excel file, for instance, the import will add as many rows as in the excel file.

          When adding records, from another filemaker database, import will add as many records is in the found set of the database.

          The control is in the originating file, not the recieving file.

          Although, after the import, a find and delete could be done. 

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            make a script




            if ($count<File::NewRecords ){

            Create New Record

            $count = $count+1



            Exit Loop


            end loop


            something along those lines 

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                 this is not to import any files, its strickly creating new records from scratch using pre-enterd fields, but i just need it to loop the amount of times that the number in the "how many to create" field is .
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                thanks for the link, although it doesnt help me much with this problem, it really helped me out with another issue i would have probably had trouble with in a couple days and i learned a few new things which is always good lol, thanks again.