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Bulk Email List

Question asked by AndrewFish on Feb 15, 2011
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Bulk Email List



I am trying to look at a work-around for sending bulk emails though outlook (by bulk I mean an email with multiple email addresses in the "To:" field e.g.;; etc. What I am wanting to do is create an email list based on a found set of customers. I tried using a global field "email_list" with the loop SS and set field SS, but it obviously overides the previous email address each time thus not creating a list. I know there is a List function, but I'm unsure how to use this in conjuction with a found set. Some help would be appreciated :)

The main reason for me taking this approach is that I don't wan't to have to click the "Allow" error msg that pops up in outlook 400 times. I am sending the same email with same attachment to 400 odd contacts so there is no need to create a seperate email for each. I am wanting to add the capability to send personalised bulk emails to my solution in the future, but for now a bulk email list will be fine.