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    Bullets / Indenting Text from Calculation



      Bullets / Indenting Text from Calculation



           I am creating a layout where users can write up reports.  As there are various reports I have created a layout which has buttons on it that can insert standard text so the user doesn't have to write repetitive info.  Insertion is via a button as it may be in different sections in different areas and this will allow them to put the text where they wish. 


           The button sets the specified field to do the following:  (Also, not sure I've done bullet points the best way but it's working so I went with it).

           Client_Reports 2::ReportBody & ¶ &

           TextStyleAdd ("Header 1 " ; Bold  +  Underline)  & ¶

            & ¶  & "•"  &  "   "  &  "Bullet Point 1 text / The problem is when the text goes on to the following line(s) it is not indenting the lines underneath."  

            & ¶  & "•"  &  "   "  &  "Bullet Point 2 text"  

           &  ¶  & "•"  &  "   "  &  "Bullet Point 3 text"

           &  ¶  & "•"  &  "   "  &  "Bullet Point 4 text"

           &  ¶  & "•"  &  "   "  &  "Bullet Point 5 text"

           .....and so on. 

           The problem with this is that if there are multiple lines to a bullet point they don't indent.  I wouldn't be surprised if I have made this more difficult than it needs be.  Is there a simpler, better way to 1 add bullets and 2 get the bullets to indent?


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               FileMaker is not a word processor. There are limits to what it can do.

               For printing and preview purposes, you might:

               make each bullet point a separate record. Put the text of the bullet point in one field and the bullet point character as either conditionally formatted layout text (to make bullet point appear and disappear, or in a separate field. You can now make the text field several rows of text tall but set it to "slide up, resize enclosing part" in the inspector. But this change is only visible when you preview, print or save as PDF, it's not visible in Browse mode.

               Your "header" text, BTW, would be a separate entry displayed in a sub summary layout part to form a "sub Head" above the bullet point list.

               As you can probably see, this is not the simplest way to get this all to work and may not be possible for your project.

               Another option:

               You might manually insert a return at the point where the text needs wrap to the next line. If you insert ¶ & Char ( 9 ), you will be inserting a tab character along with the return. YOu can then use the options on the Inspector's appearance tab to set a tab stop for the tab character.

               And finally,

               I don't have time to play with the options to see, but those same settings in the Inspector include the option to specify an Indent for the first line and subsequent lines of text in the field. You may be able to use those controls--possibly in combination with added tab chararcters to get the needed results here.