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    Bullying Database



      Bullying Database


      I'm trying to make a Bullying database for our school. I have a table called Students and a table called Bullying. I have a field call Bullying::StudentID_FK that I have related to the Student::StudentID_PK field. Can I use that set-up to get the student name, grade and teacher for both the Bullied student and student who is doing the bullying in my Bullying table? I was thinking maybe if I did a Bullying::BulliedID_FK and Bullying::BullyID_FK and related both of those to the StudentID_PK. Or do I need to create another table of line-items for each Bullying incident. Thanks in advance. Jim

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          There's that much bullying you need a database....yikes.  I think you're on the right track, but I wouldn't use Bully/Bullied as those words are close enough to cause some confusion by someone reading or scanning info too quickly.

          Some questions.  Is this just for students or can teachers be bullies (I know they can but do you want to track this too)?

          Considering a student could be both a bully and the one bullied, my first thoughts would be a setup like this:

          Incident-----<PerpVictim>--------Student.  The PerpVictim would be a portal or even 2 portals/2 tables (one for each) on the Incident layout, where you could select each student involved.  You could also have a Teacher Table, except I don't know what the role of the teacher is in this database, unless it's an assigned counselor.


          Incident-----<Victim>-------Student.  On a regular relationship graph Incident & Student would connect to both Perp & Victim.

          The Incident Table would have attributes of Date, Time, Location. Notes, and all fields needed just for each particular incident

          The Student Table would have all the info about students, and maybe even another related table of contact info

          The Perp/Victim would be a standard line-items table(s) that look up or enter by calculation the students involved

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            Thank you for that info! It's not that we have a lot of bullying we want to be able to track the cases that we do have better (ie time of year, teacher, grade, etc.) and easier for students to report. The plan is setting an old computer up with Filemaker as a kiosk that students would be able to input the information or teachers would be able to do it from their desk. For now I'm only going to concentrate on the student bullying for my database and teachers will have to report differently.

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              Note to Steve: Welcome to Public Education in the US. There has been so much concern over Bullying incidents--leading to Suicide and other tragedies that public schools are being required to track and report such incidents.

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                Oh I'm aware, it just bums me out that it needs it's own database, but obviously needed more then ever.

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                  I'm soap boxing now, but I'm unconvinced that

                  a) the incidents--many of which happen away from school grounds CAN be accurately tracked and

                  b) that tracking/reporting them will actually help a school combat the issue.

                  But many schools are being required to expend scarce resources tracking and reporting them all the same.

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                    I agree with you Phil but before I opened my big mouth the alternative to me trying to make a kiosk system is having 4 cardboard boxes thought out the school. The boxed would be periodically checked thought out the day then have that paper information tracked. Talk about a waist of resources. 

                    Ok my database works but now the problem is I never made a kiosk system. My original thought was to have a layout called "Student Questions" in my Bullying Table.  Then on the Kiosk there would be an icon that the student would just double click and the script would take them to that layout. But that gives students access to all other tables in my database (i.e. student info, report cards, etc) until now I've only ever had teachers access my databases. I didn't want to have username and password on my kiosk.

                    My thought now is to make my Bullying table its own database and related it externally (not sure if that the right word) like Steve discussed above any better suggestions? The script would now take them to the Bullying database.

                    Any advice on how to make a full proof kiosk that students would only be able to answer questions but not do anything else would greatly be appreciated.