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Business Contacts

Question asked by MarkSurber on May 20, 2011
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Business Contacts


Hey, everybody. I'm new to Filemaker, and just getting started with a business contact manager where my primary interest is the business, with multiple people, phone calls, visits, appointments and notes associated with each company. I think I have the tables arranged the way I need them to be, but getting reports to do what I want them to do without being able to just use SQL is a bit frustrating right now.

Right now I have a separate table for companies, people, calls, visits, appointments and notes, with each entry automatically being assigned a unique key (integer).

Mostly what I need right now is a way to make a report that shows one company at a time, with all entries in other tables associated with it. The report needs to dynamically add each person associated with the company, along with each visit, call and appointment, the notes associated with each approach to that company, and the names of the people I spoke to at each approach.

Any tips on how to get this done?

And, just so I know, is there any way I can populate feilds in a report based on SQL or some other scripting language?

Thanks a bunch for the help.