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Business Letter Layout to Avoid Signature Only on Last Page?

Question asked by johnhorner on Jan 26, 2012
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Business Letter Layout to Avoid Signature Only on Last Page?


i currently have a layout for business letters that has a title header that contains a container for the company layout which is only meant to print on the first page of a multi-page letter.  i then have a header for the purpose of creating a fixed amount of white space (1-1/2") at the top of any additional pages.  the body then conatins all the other components of the letter (the address, date, re, salutation, letter text, closing, signature, id, cc, etc).  the body part is many pages to allow for long letters.all the fields and merge fields in the body part are set to slide up.  finally there is a footer that has additional letterhead info, and can also contain a page number.  All of this generally works fine with the exception that for long letters, sometimes the top portion of the first line on the second page will be missing.  that is one problem i am having but not the main issue as it seems i can fix this by adjusting the letter text field up or down ever so slightly.

my main question is: is there a simple way to ensure that if the text of the letter is just the right length (or, perhaps i should say, just the wrong length) that it will not push just a couple lines (such as the signature) to the last page.  or, in other words, to force the last page to contain at least 5 lines of text, for example, before the  signature?  i think i can proably construct a script to check the word count (or line count if that is a function?) in the text and then estimate where that would fall and then change the line spacing in the letter text to expand or contract as needed, but is there an easier way to set up the layout, for example, to manage this issue?  help!?