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    Business Productivity Kit



      Business Productivity Kit


      A complete novice on filemaker (but not databases in general).  We have Filemaker Pro and l have just downloaded the Business Productivity Kit, is there a Help file that documents how to use the BPK?  

      Simple stuff, like how to start your own database?  It looks really easy to start a new database from scratch and from the starter solution, but how do l start one from the BPK (i.e. one without data)

      I have downloaded the Filemaker userguide, and how to build the bpk for yourself, but what l really want is a basic how to get started with the BPK.  

      I have literally wasted hours looking for this.  Loads of marketing crap and easy to download, now how do l get started (a little frustrated here and hoping the solution isn't really obvious)

      tip - although some literature refers to a help file that comes with the BPK my version doesn't have one

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          Perhaps the literature is refering to the FileMaker help system that you can access from the Help menu or by pressing F1.

          You may want to invest in some on line tutorials or a book on FileMaker--there are a couple listed with Amazon you can take a look at. You are also welcome to post specific questions here in this forum.

          I don't have the BPK, but would think the BPK would open with zero records ready to use. In any case, to get a blank copy of a FileMaker database file, you simply open the existing file, select Save a Copy as... from the File menu and specify the clone option. This will produce a copy of your current file, but with zero records present.