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Business Productivity Kit

Question asked by SandyVouch on Sep 27, 2010
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Business Productivity Kit


A complete novice on filemaker (but not databases in general).  We have Filemaker Pro and l have just downloaded the Business Productivity Kit, is there a Help file that documents how to use the BPK?  

Simple stuff, like how to start your own database?  It looks really easy to start a new database from scratch and from the starter solution, but how do l start one from the BPK (i.e. one without data)

I have downloaded the Filemaker userguide, and how to build the bpk for yourself, but what l really want is a basic how to get started with the BPK.  

I have literally wasted hours looking for this.  Loads of marketing crap and easy to download, now how do l get started (a little frustrated here and hoping the solution isn't really obvious)

tip - although some literature refers to a help file that comes with the BPK my version doesn't have one