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    Button 'Sets'



      Button 'Sets'


           I often create my own Navigation Menus out of Graphic Buttons.

           Is there a way to create a MASTER Set of Graphic Buttons and use it on multiple Layouts, so that I can update this MASTER Set of Graphic Buttons and all all Layouts are updated that use that?

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               You're not the first to ask, or be told, "no".

               Hopefully one day we'll get it.


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                 Best we can do at the moment, is to update the buttons on one layout and then copy and paste them to other layouts that use the same set of buttons. And in such cases, you also need to take into account the differences in "table occurrence context" on each such layout.

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              Home > Using FileMaker Pro Advanced > Using FileMaker Pro Advanced tools > Displaying databases in Kiosk mode (FileMaker Pro Advanced) > Creating dynamic buttons (FileMaker Pro Advanced)

                   Creating dynamic buttons (FileMaker Pro Advanced)
                   By using scripts and calculations to evaluate the state of button fields, you can make dynamic buttons that change each time they are clicked.
                   To create dynamic buttons:
                                            Define the dynamic button field.
                                            Create the dynamic button script.
                                            Connect the field and the script.
                   The following example shows how to create a button that changes every time it is clicked.
                   In this example, we show you the flexibility that can be gained by having your portal buttons be calculated graphic container fields instead of a traditional graphic object. Here you can see two portals that look pretty much the same. However, the portal on the right has buttons missing on certain rows...<SNIP>
                   Adding BackMagic Buttons Instructions