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Button Bar Bug

Question asked by roara on Aug 4, 2015
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Button Bar Bug


Hey everyone,

I'm using a button bar (in the downn avigation area) for navigating inside of a layout. First there were only the buttons "Übersicht", "Stückliste" and "Debugging" and everything was fine.

When I try to add one or more Buttons (in this case "Dateien" and "Firmen"), the buttons are not displayed correctly (please see the attached picture). The problem just occurs in browse mode, not in layout mode. I nearly tried everything and have no clue how to solve this problem.

A few more details (which may will help you):

I set the bar to auto-adjust with the window width,

Every button in this bar is triggering the same script with different script parameters,

Some of the buttons are just visible for some users (i deactivated this for now to get sure, that this is not the problem),

the problem also occures when I'm adding new buttons at the very right or left side.


Thanks in advance,