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Button behavior problem - seemingly no action taken

Question asked by BillPlunkett on Oct 9, 2013
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Button behavior problem - seemingly no action taken


     The attached image is a composite of 3 screenshots: the FM Form, the Relationship display from Manage Database and the Button Setup screen for the photo in the portal.

     I have a "Reviewers" table with 5 rows and in the Relationships display I have a duplicate "Reviewers 2"  connected with an X relationship.  (see image)

     The Form's main area on the left displays records from "Reviewers" and the portal on the right displays records from "Reviewers 2" (See image)

     The image in the portal has a button setup (shown in image) that should make the left side display the related record from the portal, but nothing happens.  I watch the script debugger but get no indication of a problem.

     Help Please, Bill