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Button Changing with click

Question asked by BetoBoton on Aug 27, 2009
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Button Changing with click


I have 7 Fields that is the result of a calculation.Showing the WeekDay, Day and Month (a text conversion of a resulting date in the calendar) 

They show each day of the "current week" in a a 7 day calendar layout.

This Layout has Previous-Current-Next week choice so the 7 buttons have their text value changed constantly with each hit of the 3 buttons (Previous-Current-Next week)


What is fixed:


First Day of the week to the 7th day are all object layout named HDay1 to HDay7


What I want to do:


If I click one of these buttons inside the script it calls I want to change the text ( WeekDay, Day and Month) to a different colour to tell that in this week the selected day I'm using is this one (4th day) Thursday for example (week starts on Monday ).


I would like to change the Pen Width of the field to 2 points. 


I was not able to find how to change layout attributes of a field via script!


Some pointers here would be very much appreciated.