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Button display in portal

Question asked by LeoB on Feb 2, 2010
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Button display in portal


On one layout I have a portal that displays only certain fields from records in a related table.  Works fine.


I added a button to that portal that takes the user to the specific related record summarized on the line (for updating).  Works fine.  I have a separate button outside the portal set to a script that allows the user to create a new record in the other table tied to the first table.  Works fine.


However, the empty lines in the portal all show the button text (Go to details), which doesn't look right to me.  Some records in the first layout have 10 or so related records in the portal, but some only have one or two.  On those with one or two, the portal shows all the empty lines with the button text displayed.


I guess I could try and use conditional formatting (which I've never used), but would just like that button not to display on empty portal lines.


Anybody know how to do this?