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Button in portal not working in IWP

Question asked by kirstyc on Feb 1, 2010
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Button in portal not working in IWP




I have a 'spare part' database which holds detials of stock levels worldwide. On one layout, the stock of a specific part in various offices is displayed in a portal. On each row of the portal is a button to request the part from that office. The script works beautifully via the client, but on IWP the button doesn't work at all.


The first part of the script is:

If [ Get ( ApplicationVersion ) = "Web" ]
 If [ Spares Stock 2::Quantity>0 ]
  Set Field [ RMA Tickets::gDialog_Text; "Do you really want to request the "&RMA Tickets::Component&" from "& Spares Locations 2::Location&"?" ]
  Go to Layout [ “Yes No Dialog Box” (RMA Tickets) ]


But it won't even get that far. Finding it hard to debug as I can't recreate the web environment through my client...


Database is hosted on server and I'm working on Filemaker Advanced 10.0.3.


Any help appreciated.