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Button in Portal Row not showing related fields

Question asked by firebase on Mar 5, 2015
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Button in Portal Row not showing related fields


Short: I have a portal row that is not showing up related data of a forgein FM file, that is well related and works in other scenarious.

Long example:

I have a script with 3 DBs lets call them "Main", "Portal" and "Related". Alle are related in the relationship window with field "A".

All 3 DBs contain 3 field "A" entries with lets say 1,2,3, but DB "Related" also contains field "A" with 1,2,3, and field "B" with 4, 5, 6

In Main layout it only shows field A and the portal row of DB "Portal" also showing field A.

Now when I generate a Button in that field that should open a massage telling me the result of "Portal" field "B" I correctly shows up all 3 data field when i switch through teh records.

So Record one Shows 1 and in Portal also 1 and when I click in it it shows a popup with 4.

Ok, so far so stupid.

But this does not work in a more complex fm13 file im work on since a longer time.

What could be the problem?