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    Button in Portal to go where I want?



      Button in Portal to go where I want?


           I have used this information from the FileMaker website


           to populate some areas of a portal with useful information. I was happy to learn about this way to get data into an area from a portal. It works extremely well. So now I have a small area of my portal that is data from another area other than the portal related record. What are some methods for getting a button in this area to take you to where the data lives? I see that a portal is designed to work with buttons that will take you to a layout/area related to the portal. I want to go to this other area the portal does not seem to know about.

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               I've just messaged someone at FileMaker asking them to update the sample script in that KB article. It uses copy and paste to move data in a way that should not be used since we now have much better options for doing so that do not affect data that the user may have previously copied to the clip board.

               I opened and read the article because I can't tell what you are really describing here and reading that article didn't really help.

               What do you mean by "a small area of my portal that is data from another area other than the portal related record."?

               Do you mean that you've added fields to the portal row from a different table occurrence than that specified in "show related records from" for the portal?

               And where is it exactly that you want to go? Do you want to see the record from the portal or a record related to it?

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                 I used it and set variables. I did not copy and paste. Man your info is always RIGHT ON, because I heard another person with great knowledge of FileMaker, say exactly the same thing about copy and paste. As for the message what I mean is I just made one cell in my portal not be related to where the portal is. I guess it is related to the row but what I mean it is just a field that holds text now, and it gets populated by the script. I actually figured a way to do it. I just wanted to hear suggested methods (is any) as well? An example of this would be info related to the id of the record but not really so connected to the portal that I want to see what it is doing from this view. I am trying to word this stuff the best way I can. Hope it is understandable. Scripts seem to be able to accomplish many things in FileMaker but being kind of new to it I have the concerns that if I make an obtrusive script it will do something like crash FileMaker or something. I am not really worried I am making backups as I go. Hopping to develop a best practice mind set for Scripting and others in FileMaker. Question, if a script shows an hour-glass is that a bad thing? Anyway this script that shows the hour-glass seems to work beautifully!