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    Button Layouts?



      Button Layouts?


      Trying to get a button on one layout to open a new record on an separate existing layout. Can someone help me do this, I am very new to this.

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               simplest way is to set up a script, for example:

               Go To Layout ["yourlayoutname" (yourtable) ]
               New Record/Request

               then set your button to Perform Script

               but you might also consider opening a New Window to open the second layout into, and you can place that window so it doesn't cover the first


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                 Thanks.. Is there a place that would walk me step by step on how this works. I have had filemaker for like a few days and someone the things in your answer i can't seem to find or do. Thanks for the feedback


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                   Under the Script Menu on the top of the screen, click Script | Manage Scripts | New (At the Bottom)

                   On the left side under Navigation Double Click the Go to Layout this will move it to the right hand side of the window. At the Bottom right while it is highlighted click the arrow next to specify then click layout. Specify the layout you want to go to to create the new record and click OK.

                   Then back on the left hand side scroll down till you see Records. Double Click on New Record/Request

                   the righthand side should now look like this

              Go To Layout ["yourlayoutname" (yourtable) ]
              New Record/Request

                   You can Name Your Script at the top of the window where is says New Script 

                   When you are done, click on the Red X to close the window and you will be prompted to save. Save your script.

                   Then back on your button in layout mode right click on the button and specify it to perform script then specify your new script from the specify button and click OK.


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                     Thanks so much... followed what you said and it worked perfect....

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                       If using FileMaker 11 or newer, you can also:

                       Use the button tool to add a new button to your layout or select a layout object and use Button Setup from the Format menu to turn the selected object into a button.

                       Select the Perform Script Option.

                       Click Specify.

                       Click the + button to create a new script

                       Follow the steps posted above to create a script as you now have the same script editor open.

                       Then click OK, clicking Save when asked to do so until you have all dialog boxes closed and you are back on your layout.