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    Button movements



      Button movements


           Hey, I am extremly new here and was wondering if there is a way to make a button that moves from one tab to another and tracks that movement? 

           I am doing this because I need a user interface where they sign in and sign out and I was thinking about having it so you press your name to sign in and then it moves it to another tab where you go to sign out. Also after they press their name it will require confirmation it is them. Is there a better way to do this, is this possible, any tips or trick I would love to know! 

           Thanks - Austin

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               Buttons don't move in FileMaker--you can't animate them, but data, such as a person's name can definitely be displayed on more than one tab of a tab control. A field can be set up as a button so that clicking it (or Tapping it in iOS devices) can perform a script such as signing a person out and this can require some sort of additional confirmation from the user (such as swiping an ID card or entering a password).

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                 Thanks for the reply its very appreciated :). And I think ill innovate that somehow in there...