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    Button not highlighting row



      Button not highlighting row


      Dear Wizards,

      My first nested portal is finally working!  Sort of.  I did put a button on the child line and an associated script [set field(parent::selected child; grandchild, pk_id)].  I set up a conditional format which turns the child line a bright yellow BUT that only happens when I select any child field, touch the background of the row but NOT when I select the child-line button (which otherwise works great).  What needs to be done to make the row change color with just the button push?


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          Sorry, but nested portals are not possible in any current version of FileMaker. I think that you are setting up Need layout solution for nested portals... portals where two separate (not nested) portals are set up side by side. Clicking a portal row in the Master portal updates a relationship to show the associated detail records in the detail portal. That sound right?

          When a screen fails to update until you click a blank area of the layout you have a situation where your layout is not updating until whatever change to your data is committed by a commit records event. There is a script step for committing records that you can include in your script to get things to update without needing to click a layout background.

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            You're right, it's from your 12/18/2012 reply to a question.
            The screen doesn't fail to update, it's working fine.  The grandchild portal updates perfectly when I click the button on the associated row of the child portal its just that that action doesn't cause a reformatting of the selected child row.  Only touching the fields or background causes the reformatting.  I want the row to reformat with the button push.

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              Like I said, sounds like you need a commit records step.

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                I've had the Commit records step in the whole time between 'Set Field' and 'Exit Script' (see image).  Interestingly, the format (yellow background) does show as long as I have the button 'held'.  As soon as I let off the trackpad the formatting goes away.  And like I said the rest of the functionality i.e. picking the right set of records for the grandchild portal is working well.
                (First time sending an image, hope it comes through...)