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    Button problem



      Button problem


           FM 12. I have a number of gradient filled buttons in my solution, but in browse mode two of them turn to a flat (no gradient) gray when I slide the mouse over them. Both are formatted with a tool tip, but so are others that don’t have this problem.

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               Go to Layout mode, open Inspector>Appearance tab.  Click once on button you want to change.  On appearance tab at top you'll see a drop down list that says Normal State, with a drop-down arrow.  Click that  and select Hover.  If the button turns gray you can fix it there. 

               Or if you can't figure out the settings, click a button that works properly.  Click Appearance tab drop down to Hover.  Right above drop down are 4 buttons.  Click 'copy style'.  Click back to button you need to change, click hover, click the button next to copy style which should be 'Paste a style....".