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    button query - invoice starter



      button query - invoice starter


      On the invoice starter solution, can someone tell me how the 4 buttons (Customer:Products:invoices:Preferences) actually work?

      I clicked Button setup and scrolled through the scripts, but I cant see how clicking the button is controlled.


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          Each of those buttons performs a script. If you have FileMaker 11, you can click the specify button to bring up the specify script dialog, then pull down the Gear drop down and select "Edit" to open the script and see what script was written so that clicking this button performs that script.

          With all recent versions (not just FileMaker 11), you can note the name of the script in button setup and then use manage scripts to find and open the same script.

          Please note that these buttons appear on multiple layouts. Typically, one "button" is shown in blue but not actually set up as a button so that clicking it in browse mode does nothing (You wouldn't for example want to click "Preferences" when you are already on the layout for Preferences for example.) If you double click this "button" while in layout mode, you'll find that it is just layout text and not set up as a button at all.