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    Button Security?



      Button Security?


      I want to publish a database on my intranet using Instant Web Publishing.  Although I know I can just set read-only privileges for the guest user (and allow guest access), I am wondering if security can be applied to buttons such that they are not present when the database is being viewed in a web browser via IPW but will be present when viewing the database in FileMaker directly.


      If not, I will just duplicate the database file and remove the buttons prior to publishing.




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          Thank you for your post.


          I've been working on this for a few minutes, not having much luck.  I can definitely have the button not active via Instant Web Publishing, but I cannot apply conditional formatting to a button to make it disappear.


          To make the button inactive, insert the following script steps to your button script:


          If [ Left ( Get ( ApplicationVersion ) ; 3 ) = "Web" ]

             Halt Script

          End If


          This checks to see if the user is using Instant Web Publishing.  If so, then halt the script, and no action is taken.


          Does anybody else out there have a way to make the button disappear?



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