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    Button setup for field with Timestamp results



      Button setup for field with Timestamp results



      I've created a Weekly Time Card database that will be accessed using IWP.  Each day on the weekly timecard has timestart/timeout for the am/pm and afterhours times. Employees clock in and out for arrival/lunch/afterhours work. (a total of six fields for each day of the week). The week runs from Saturday to Friday.

      So for day1 I have fields TimeStartDay1am; TimeEndDay1am.  TimeStartDay1pm; TimeEndDay1pm.  (similar for after hours). I need a script that operates from a button for every field that after it checks that Get (CurrentDate) = Todays_Date (my current date field) the field autofills with a Timestamp. 

      I've gotten a scripted button to run properly if I script for each individual field, but I'd like to use one script that searches for the field with a Get (ScriptParameter) - everything I've tried has failed.

      Thanks for your help.