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    Button Text



      Button Text


      Is there an easy way to change (edit) the text on a button?

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          As developer, you can directly edit the text in the button from layout mode. Click the text tool and then click the button.

          If you want the text in the button to change when something in your database changes, this can also be done by grouping a text field with an unlabled button (or just use the text field as your button). Then a script can modify the text in the button to change the button text. (The field you use with the button can even be a calculation field that simply updates to display different text also.)

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            Thank you for your reply.  Once again, I may have asked the question incorrectly.  I can change the font, color, so on of a button.  I don't know how to change the "wording".  For example, I have a button that reads "takes me to the next record".  How ever, I mispelled "record".  How do I make that correction without deleting the button and creating a new one?


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              Enter Layout Mode

              Click the text tool (The capital T in the status area)

              Click your button's text and you'll be able to change it.

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                Thank you!  Its amazing when you read the answer a second time.  Thank you from the old people of the world.


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                  I'm not all that young myself and I've had to have things spelled out in large letters for me a a time or three too. Wink