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Button to convert Dimensions from Inches to meters

Question asked by AbdoulBaldé on Dec 16, 2013
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Button to convert Dimensions from Inches to meters



     On my Layout I am displaying rooms dimensions through a portal. In this portal I have the following fields :

     Room_ID ; Room_Name ; Room_Length ; Room_Height ; Room_Surface . As I have both dimension type (meters in inches ) in my database, I could simply import all records and rename the fields to Room_Length _1 (for meters) and add a field Room_Length_2 

     I am trying to simplify the database and avoid having to import the data in both meters and inches. I am trying to setup a button to convert all the data from meters to inches. I know I have to add a calculation field and select the field to be converted and multiply by the conversion factor.  


     Can I do it with many fields at the same could you please advise on the script?