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Button to filter two fields

Question asked by MikeF on Dec 5, 2011
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Button to filter two fields



Need to put a button on a portal that will open a new window on the layout the portal is based on, Expenses. The button will appear in each record of the portal.

It needs to filter/find parameters from two fields in the new window’s base table.

One is in the portal itself --- ExpenseCategory. There are eight of these, numbered 1 thru 8.

The other is a foreign key in the Expenses table --- MeetingRoomID, which is a field in the original layout containing the portal.

A paraphrased example would be: Open new window to layout “Expenses” and filter for whatever number is in the portal record’s ExpenseCategory field *and* whatever MeetingRoomID is currently in that field of the original layout.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.