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button to finish search

Question asked by ryandunne_1 on Oct 23, 2013
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button to finish search


     ok been trawling the internet for a fair while trying to come up with a solution

     basicly im building a barcode scan system got pretty much everything down but im facing a problem when i fill out a find mode field i then need a script to run on the script trigger of keystroke enter to then effectivly finish the search and show found items so if there was a way of getting it to emulate a keystroke such as return it would be handy i just cant see how i can get from the find mode to found automaticly because im hopeing to remove the keyboard and mouse from the system and just have a barcode scanner as the only form of input

     so it would go scan barcode, find records, export records, find mode,go to field, etc so on and so forth

     cheers in advance