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Button to go to another Layout

Question asked by AbdoulBaldé on Jan 3, 2014
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Button to go to another Layout



     I have a Layout on which I have a set of buttons each button allows to navigate to a different record. The script used is the following:

     Enter find Mode()

     Set Field ( Floor levels::_kp_Floor Level ID; Get (ScriptParameter) )

     Set Error Capture (On)

     Perform Find ()

     If ( not Get (FoundCount) )

     Show All Records

     Show Custom Dialog ("No records  found" ; Sorry! No such level exists")

     End if

     Each button has a specific script parameter. 


     On the same Layout I have another set of buttons for which I would like to use a similar script that will open a new layout and go to another record. My question is where do I add these script steps:

     - "Go To Layout" & "Open New Window" in the script so that it works?

     The other difference would be the Set Field ( Another Table:: Another Field; Get (ScriptParameter) )