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Button to sort

Question asked by CraigWollman on Oct 25, 2013
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Button to sort


     I have two buttons above two different fields.  One is a numeric field and one is a text field.  The button above the numeric field does a sort on the numeric field and works fine but the button above the text field does nothing when clicked.

     When I go to Layout mode, right click on either button and choose "Button Setup," I see that in both cases "Perform Script" is selected under the CONTROL heading.  Both are set to PAUSE in the Current Script: field.  If I click on the "Specify" button "Sort by invoice" is selected for the numeric field sort button and "sort by from (other)" is selected for the text field button (from (other) is the name of the text field, invoice is the name of the numeric field)

     So I see no significant difference in the set ups of the two sort buttons but only one works.  Any suggestions are welcome.  Thanks for your help.