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Buttons and Layout question

Question asked by keycoachjohn on Jul 7, 2009
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Buttons and Layout question


Hi, have searched through my handy books to no avail...would appreciate your comments.

3 questions (FM10) for the board...a) How to lock a field upon exiting a record such that any change upon re-entering the record requires a new record to change? b) In a given layout with multiple tabs across the top I'd like to have a set of buttons in the left margin to advance from one tab to another; any suggestions?  Lastly, c) In this main layout there are six tabs...each has relational data pulled from across several tables;  This same layout is associated with a source table that I simply want a summary table of inventory nestled in my tidy little background.  If the source data came from another table, a portal would work excellently...Thanks, John