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Buttons disabled during script execution?

Question asked by BradEvans_1 on Jan 1, 2014
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Buttons disabled during script execution?


     I have a layout that is essentially a slide show of photos, each photo being a record.  I have a button that Starts the slide show script, and another button that (is supposed to) stops it.  Still pretty new to FM.

     Starting the slide show works fine, each record advancing after a set delay.  The problem is, is that buttons seem to be disabled during the slideshow script loop. In fact, the Start button stays in the pressed highlighted state. The cursor changes to a cmd . icon, which when pressed, stops the script.

     I guess there's something I don't understand about exiting a looping script.

     Any ideas on how I could do this better and have a Stop button that's clickable during script execution?  I've attached the script.