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Buttons in Portals

Question asked by TheRugi on Oct 19, 2009
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Buttons in Portals


Okay, another problem with portals. Once again, I am using FileMaker Pro 10.0v3 on Mac OS 10.6. I am pretty new at this (started a few weeks ago) but I am familiar with relational databases and SQL.


So there's 3 tables, pictures, info, and album. I have the relationship set up as:


album » info » picture


The picture table contains a picture, the info table contains info about that picture, and all 3 tables have a field called "album name" which is being used as a key to connect all 3 tables.


In the album table, I made a portal which is getting all the related pictures and listing them out. The problem I'm running into now is I want the pictures in the portal in the album table to be buttons that lead to the related record in the picture table. Unfortunately, all the buttons in the portal all lead to the first record on the picture table, rather than the record associated with the picture. I tried making a separate button to do this but it does the same thing. Anyone know what I can do?


I'm doing this by right clicking the picture in the portal, selecting Button Setup, Navigation...Go To Related Record, Specify, get related record from picture, show record using layout picture, everything is not checked. 


Edit: Ah, I see. It's giving me the first record of the found set of related records, not the first record in general.